THINGS I LIKE: Elote (Mexican Corn on the Cob)

Now that we are in fresh corn season, I would like to tell you about to a way that Mexicans, who know a thing or two about corn, eat their corn on the cob. I was introduced to this method preparing corn for eating on the cob by Davey, a friend of mine from Mexico.


Husk fresh corn and cook, either by boiling, steaming or grilling. My personal preference is grilling but any way of cooking works. Coat the cooked corn with a layer of mayonnaise and roll in grated Cotija* cheese. Eat as is or sprinkle, to taste, with lime juice and/or chile pepper, and ENJOY.

*Cotija is a semi- hard Mexican cheese that is used for grating in the same way as the Italian Parmesan or Romano cheeses. I find that Cotija gives the best flavor with the corn because it has a stronger taste than Parmesan or Romano but these are acceptable substitutes if you cannot find Cotija cheese. However, I have found Cotija in several large supermarkets in my area. It was in the Dairy aisle cheese section rather than the Specialty Cheese counter.