FOOD HISTORY: Oreo Cookies

Oreo cookies, which were introduced by Nabisco in 1912, are one of the most beloved and recognizable cookies in the world. Hydrox cookies, consisting of two ornate chocolate cookies filled with a layer of sweet creme, were introduced by the Sunshine Biscuit Company, earlier, in 1908. The Sunshine Company, of Elmhurst,IL is now owned by The Keebler Company and their Elves. These cookies were an immediate success which caused their competition, Nabisco, to introduce a similar cookie. Nabisco is an abbreviation for the National Biscuit company, formed in 1898, by the amalgamation of several biscuit companies. Nabisco is the company that brought Animal Crackers to the market in 1902. Oreo's were introduced, in 1912, as part of a "trio" of new cookies which included, in addition to the Oreo, "Mother Goose" and "Veronese" biscuits; single layer cookies with creme toppings. While these two cookies fell by the wayside, Oreo's endured and surpassed Hydrox cookies in popularity. How the Advertising Department came up with the name Oreo is not fully known, but the name, officially, became the Oreo Biscuit in 1913. This was changed to the Oreo Sandwich in 1921, Oreo Cream Sandwich in 1948 and the Oreo Chocolate Sandwich cookie in 1975. The original biscuit (cookie) was slightly larger but, otherwise, identical to today's version. Size varied over the years with today's cookie being between the largest and smallest versions. In 1922, Oreos sold for $0.32/lb.( How times have changed!!!) Over 491 billion Oreo's have been sold since  1912.