THINGS I LIKE: Peameal (Canadian) Bacon

In a previous post (1/31/14), I wrote about the difference between American style Canadian bacon and the real Canadian bacon (Peameal bacon) and reviewed  the history of Peameal bacon. I have made Peameal bacon many times and it IS very different from what we, in the US, know as Canadian bacon. I find that it is easy to make, much more versatile in usage and, to my taste, significantly more  flavorful than it's American version. The first recipe, below, the one that I follow, uses a dry cure. However, many Peameal bacon aficionados use a wet cure with additional flavoring ingredients so I have included a second recipe using such a cure. It is an adaption from Michael Rhulman's blog:

                                   PEAMEAL BACON ( DRY CURE METHOD)

1 pork loin
1 1/2 tbsp. Morton's Tender Quick salt/ lb of meat
1 tsp sugar


Mix salt/sugar and rub into meat. Seal in a zip Lock bag and refrigerate for five days. after curing period, rinse, pat dry and roll in yellow cornmeal. to use, slice, fry and serve with eggs, fry and use for eggs Benedict, fry and eat on a sandwich prepare as a roasted pork loin or use in any why that strikes your culinary fancy.


 2 - 4 lb pork loin
2 qts water
5 Tbsp Morton's Kosher salt
2 Tbsp sodium nitrate (DC Curing salt)*
1/2 C sugar 5 cloves garlic, crushed
2 Bay leaves
1 large bunch Sage (optional)
7-8 Thyme sprigs (optional)
1 lemon, halved (optional)

Combine brine ingredients in a pot, bring to a simmer and remove from heat. Allow to cool and refrigerate until cold. Submerge pork loin in the pot of brine or place brine and meat in a large plastic Zip Lock bag. Refrigerate for 72 hours, then remove from brine, rinse, pat dry and refrigerate, uncovered, for 4 - 24 hours. Roll in yellow cornmeal and use as described above.
DC Curing Salt
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