Basics of Computer–9th Standard Science Question Bank

Basics of Computer :

Choose the correct answer.

1.Which operation is not performed by computer

a) Inputting b)Processing c)Controlling d)Understanding

2.Central processing unit is combination of -----

a) Control & storage b)Control & output unit

c) Arithmetic,logic & input unit d)Arithmetic , logic & control unit.

3. The language that is directly understood by the computer without translation program is --------

a) Machine language b) Assembly language

c)High level language d)Medium level language.

Answer the following Questions:

1.What is a Computer ?

Computer is an electronic device that converts input data into meaningful information

2.Write the diagram of a computer

3. Who is the father

Charles Babbage.

4.What are the functions of a computer?

a. Input of data

b.Processing of data

c. Output of information

d. storage of information.

5. What are the basic parts of a computer ?

Hardware and Softwares are basic parts of computer.

6. Define Hardware of a computer .

All the physical parts that can we see, touch and feel are called Hardwares.

7. Define Software of a computer .

The set of programs used to run the computer are called Softwares.

8. Name different types of computers.

a. Personal computer b. Workstation

c.Minicomputer d. Mainframe computer and e. Super computer

9. Name the first super computer of India.

Param 8000

10. Name the fastest super computer of India.


11. Name the Input devices of computer.

Keyboard, Mouse , Scanner, joystick, Lightpen, Digitel camera, Trackball, Webcamera, Microphone, Optical mark reader etc.

12.Name the output devices of computer.

Monitor, priter, plotter, Speaker and Projector.

13. Name the two types of memories of computer.

Primary memory and Secondary memory.

14. Name the primary memory divices of computer.


15. Name the secondary memory divices of computer.

CD-rom, Pendrives, DVDs, Memory cards.

16.List the differences between RAM and ROM.

a.ROM is permanent memory but RAM is temporary memory.

b.Memory stored in ROM cannot not be changed, erased or rewritten but memory in

RAM is erased when computer is switched off.

17. What is operating softwares ? give examples.

The softwares which are essential for a computer to work is called operating system softwares. for eg : windows, Dos, Mac, Linux etc.

18. What is Application softwares ? give examples.

The program which is written to the computer to help the user to do his work is called application softwares. For eg : Ms-office, Winzip, Winrar, Adobe( pagemaker, photoshop) Nudi, baraha etc.

19.Write the applications of computer.

a.Computers are used in smart classes for effective teaching & learning.

b. They are used to diagnose diseases by scanning human body. computers used to assist surgery.

c. used in banks for secured , speedy financial transactions.

d.computers are widely used in telecommunications. All mobiles have softwares embedded in them.

e. We can take online exams through computers and get instant result.

f. We use computer softwares in ATMs.

g. Computers used in aircrafts & satellites.

h. Supercomputers are used to analyse & predict weather forecast.

i.Robots are controlled by computers.