COOKING TIP: More Uses for Baking Sheets other Than Making Cookies.

There are many things for which baking sheets can be used other than baking cookies: several follow:

1) Place food between two baking sheets to increase the heating surface 2x and allow for more even and uniform browning and a more tidy shape.

2) Pressed sandwich, anyone? Butter both sides of a sandwich and place between two  preheated baking sheets for nicely browned, crispy outside pressed sandwiches.

3) Slice vegetables very thin (mandoline or vegetables peeler), place between sheets and bake to make vegetable chips.

4) Puff pastry gives a firmer texture that is more shatter - proof when baked between two baking sheets.

5) Making lots of toast? Toast in oven between baking sheets.

6) Want prosciutto chips for garnish? Preparing them by baking between baking sheets keeps them flat and makes them  very crispy.

7) Want to make several grilled sandwiches at a time? Place two baking sheets in a 450 F oven for five minutes. Make sandwiches and butter both sides om the bread. Using heat proof gloves or pads remove sheets from oven , place sandwiches on one and place the second on top of the sandwiches and replace sheets in the oven for 10 minutes at which time  sandwiches should be hot, toasted and ready to serve.