India-our Mother land-10th Social Science Notes and Question Bank

Chapter-01 Geography
India - our Mother land
I.      Choose the correct answer and write:
1.      This is the southern most tip of India
a.Tirunanantapuram b. Indira point c. Titicorn   d. Lakshdeep
2.       The following longitude decides the Indian standard
a. 82 1\20 west longitude b. 82 1\20 East longitude c. 820 East longitude d. 820 west longitude.
3.       The latitude passes through the central part of India. a. 66 1\20 North latitude b.66 1\2 0 south latitude c.23 1\20 North latitude d)23 1\20 south latitude.
4.       The 82 1\20 East longitude which passes through the
cen tral part of India is also called
a)       Ahmedabad line             b) Allahabad line
c) Jabalpur line                       d) Hyderabad line.
1.      This country lies to the south west of India.
a)       Bangladesh                      b) Maldieves
c) Srilanka                               d) Pakistan
2.     Among the following four groups only one group is India's neighbouring countries.
a)       Bhutan, Pakistan, Mynmar, Nepal
b)      Bhutan, Pakistan, Iraq, Nepal
c)       Iran Afghanistan, Mynmar, Nepal
d)       Srilanka Afhghanistan, Indonesia, Mynmar
3.       The National Capital territory of India is
a)       Mumbai                         b)    New Delhi
c) Kolkatta                             d)    Chennai
4.     India does not share land frontier with the following country.
a) Srilanka b) Nepal c) Pakistan d) Mynmar
5.       India's percentage in the world's population. a) 17% b) 18% c) 17.5% d) 18.5%
1.     The name india has been defined from the following river.
a) Ganga b) Yamuna c) Sindhu d) Narmada
2.       India has been named 'Bharat after the indian king.
a) Bharata                             b)    chamdragupta
c) Ashoka                              d)    Kanishka
3.       The following country lies to the south of India. a) Bangladesh b) Pakistan c) Maldievies d) Srilanka
4.       Indira point is in the following islands.
a) Laushadeep                        b) St. marry's
c) great nicabar
5.       To which part of Asia is india located
a) North b) South c) East d) West
6.       India pereentage of the world's total area is
a) 2.1%               b) 2.2% c) 2.3% d) 2.4%.
II.      Answer in a sentence.
1.      What is the total area of India?
A. 32, 87, 263, sq kms
2.      Between which latitudes India extends?
A. India extends from 80 40 to 370 61 in the north latitude.
3.       Between which longitude india extends?
A. India extends from 680 71 east to 970 251 east longitudes.
I.        Answer in following in a sentence:
1.      Which longitude passes through the central part of
A: 82 1\20 East longitude or Allahabad line.
2.      In which position India stands in its size?
A: It is the seventh largest country in the world.
3.     How much Indian time is ahead of green wich mean time?
A: 5 hours and 30 minutes.
(Multiple Choice)
1.      The name India has been derived from river Indus
2.      India is 32,87,263 sq KM in area
3.     Tropic of cancer (23 A o North latitude passes through Central part of India
4.       Srilanka is In the south
5.       Total coastal line is 6100 KM
6.       India located in South -East Asia
7.       India is in northern hemisphere
8.     The southern tip of mainland including islands is Indira point ( southernmost point)
9.       Indira point is in grate Nicobar Island
10.      The southern tip is Kanyakumari
11.India is 7thlargest country in the world 12.India has 29 states, 6 union territory
13.Total population of India is 121 cores (2011 census) 14.India extends from 68                7 east to 97*25' East
1.          From east to west total distance is 2933 kms
2.          From north to south total distance is 3214kms
17.India extends from 8* 4' to 37*6' in the north
18.When Islands are taken into consideration Indira point is southernmost point 19.82 A * is Indian Standard Time (IST)
20.Indian time is ahead of Greenwich Meantime by about 5hours and 30 min
Total length of land frontiers is 15200 kms