India’s Relationship with Other Countries-10th Social Science Notes and Question Bank

Chapter-03 Political Science
India’s Relationship with Other Countries.
1.    The relationship between India Srilanka are historical’. With this statement discuss the relationship.
The relationships between India Srilanka are
^ historical’.
       India is maintaining good ties with Srilanka in economic as well as political fields.
      India is closely watching the Tamil movement in Srilanka and is for the peaceful co existence between Sinhalese and Tamil people.
      Buddhism has been spread by Indian Monks in the course of history in Srilanka.
      We have good trade relations with Srilanka.
2.    Why there should be good relationship with neighbours?
      We, as an independent country, have to maintain good relations with all foreign states.
      Our international relations with neighboring states in Asia must be very cordial.
      At the same time our national interests like border security, foreign trade, economic gains, reputation of country etc. have to be carefully protected.
      Permanent diplomatic channel is maintained with all the countries of the world.
3.    What are the reasons for the tension between India and Pakistan?
      Kashmir problem.
      Military dictatorships and political instability.
      Indo - Parks wars.
      Water problem
      Trade problem
4.     Explain how the relationship between India and USA as democratic nations.
      USA has helped us financially for our economic development through Five Year Plans.
      During Chinese aggression in 1962 the support of the USA strengthened India.
      The policy makers of the USA extended help to Pakistan in the Indo -Park wars.
      We have a common concern for curbing terrorism.
      India maintains good relationship with the USA in the fields of foreign trade, science and technology, space and education.
5.     Why relationship between India and China has been strained in these days?
      China’s claim over Arunachal Pradesh, one of our states is a significant issue of Indo China relationship.
      Maoists’ terrorism in the form of Naxalism in India is also casting a shadow on our relations.
      Our border is also not finally demarcated.
      Nuclear threats, foreign trade challenge, military advancements in border areas are some of the issues which strain our relations with China.
6.     Explain Indian relationship with Russia.
      In 1962 Soviet Russia supported Indian cause.
      In 1966 Russia mediated the Tashkent agreement signed between India and Pakistan.
      In 1971 India and Soviet Russia entered into 20 years Treaty of peace, friendship and cooperation.
      Russia assisted India to have steel plants at Bhilai at Bokaro.
      It has helped us for the growth of our industry and commerce. It is supporting Indian claim for permanent seat in the Security Council.
1.             Why India should keep cordial relations with neighboring states?
A. • For border security.
     For developing foreign trade.
     For economic gains.
     To maintain peace & good relations.
     To create a family of Nations.
2.      India & USA have good relationship justify this statement?
A. • USA has helped us in Five year plans.
     During chinese aggression in 1962 USA helped India.
           Both have a common concern for curbing terrorism.
     In space Education both have good relations.
    Both the nations are bound by the principles of world peace.
1.      When did china declare as communist Government? A: In October 1949.
2.    Name the steel plants established in India with the assistance of Russia?
A: Steel plants at Bhilai and Bokoro.
3.    Name the Tamil separatists of Jafna area in srilanka?
A: Ltte
4.      Name the countries who signed the Tashkant
A:India and pakistan.
5.      When did Kargil war was fought?
A: 1999
1.    Relationship between India and Pakistan is not firendly? How can you say so?
A: Military dictatorship and political instability.
*      There were indopak wars from 1947 to 1999.
*      Kashmir problem
*      Problem of terrorism
*      China Pakistan friendhsip.
2.    India has good relatlionship with Russia” substantiate this attachment.
A: Soviet Union condemned china’s aggression in 1962.
*      In 1971 India & soviet Russia entered into 20 years treaty of peace.
*      With the assistance of Russia steeel plants at Bhilai and Bokoro.

*       Soviet Russia is supporting India claim for permanent seat in the security council of Uno.