LAND USE AND AGRICULTURE IN INDIA-10th Social Science Notes and Question Bank

Chapter -07 Geography
      Use of land for various purposes called as land use
      Growing 23 crops on the same plot in a year is called Intensive farming
      Farmers growing crops for their own use is called Subsistence Farming
      Sugar cane is a commercial crop
      Highest paddy growing state is West Bengal
      Himachal Pradesh has plenty of grassland
      Agriculture practiced to sale purpose is called Commercial farming
      Rabi crop is Wheat
      For Paddy Standing water should be till the harvest
      Punjab is called as wheat granary
      UP growing plenty of Wheat
      Cotton and Jute are imp fibre crops
      India is first in the tea production
      Black soil is suitable for cotton
      Tea requires fertile soil with rich organic matter
I.       Choose the correct answer and write.
1.      It is a Fibre crop
a)      Cotton-Tabacco b) Jute - Tabacco
c) Cotton-Jute     d) Jute-coffee
2.      If Uttarpradesh is the largest wheat producing state then the largest paddy growing state is
a)      Punjab       b) Andhra pradesh

c) West Bengal   d) Orissa
Answer in a sentence :
1.      What is cropping pattern?
A. Proportion of an area under different crop at a given point of time. The ratio of these crops is known is cropping pattern.
2.      What is jade farming?
A During the period between khasif and rabbi crops are cultivated. This is called jade farming.
I.          Answer in 4 sentences :
1.      What is the difference b/n sedentary forming and shifting cultivation.
Sedentary farming      Shifting cultivation
1.      It is settled agriculture 1. people do not settle down in any Particular area
2.      It is a traditional one 2. People cut down forests and engage in farming.
2.      What geographical conditions are necessary for growing cotton?
A * It is grown well in tropical and sub tropical areas
*      It needs 75 to 150 cms of rainfall
*      It is grown in black cotton soil which can hold moisture
*      This is grown as a kharif crop.
3.      India has all the facilities for horticulture? substantiate
A * Diverse conditions
*      Land forms climate
*      Soil
*      Irrigation facility
*      Labour
*      Market
*      Governmental encouragement etc..
I.        Answer in a sentence:
1.      What is intensive farming?
A. Growing 2-3crops on the same plot in a year is called inten- sive farming.
2.      What is mixed farming?
A. Raising of crops and cattle rearing poultry beekeeping, pig- rearing, silk farming, aquaculture etc. This is called mixed farming.
II.         Answer in 3-4 sentence:
1.      "Agriculture nurtures many industries' illustrate this statement?
A. • Agriculture provide raw material to industries.
      Industries manufacturing farming equipment.
                      It helps in development of chemical Fertilizers industry.
                      It helps in development of chemical pesticides, insecticides industry.
2.      What are the factors that influence cropping pattern?
A. • Natural factors-land forms, climate etc..
     Economic factors.
     Social factors.
     Farmers attitude.
III.        Answer in 6 sentence:
1.      What are the factors that influence land use?
A. • Land forms.          • Climate.
      Characteritics of soil • Population
      Land holding.    • Attitude of people etc. (refer
text book).
2.      What is the importance of agriculture in India?
A. • Farming supplies the food grains.
      Provides more employment opportunities.
      Provides raw materials to many industries.
      Agriculture supports even many tertiary occupations.
      It is a life - subsistence occupation.
      It provides market to many industries.
3.      What are the geographical conditions necessary for growing tea?
A. • Evergreen tropical and sub tropical crop.
     average temperature of 21oC.
     100-200 cms of rainfall is essential.
     sand mixed black soil are required.
     high slopes are required.
4.     What factors are essential for growing tobacco?
A. • This is a tropical crop.
     It requires a temperature of 21o to 27oC.
     Moderate rainfall with average 50Cms.
     It grows well in sandy soil.
     It requires chemical fertilizers.
5.       What geographical factors essential to grow wheat & sugarcane?
A. Wheat :
     needs 10o to 15oC temperature.
     50 to 70cms annual rainfall.
     sandy mixed clay and black soil.
Sugarcane :
     Irrigation is needed.
     needs a temparature of 21o-26o celsius.
     100-150 cms annual rainfall.
               Fertile loamy soil mixed with black soil is most uitable.
1.     What are the types of Agriculture?
      Intensive Farming
      Subsistence farming
      Commercial Farming
      Mixed farming Plantation farming
2.     What is called Kharif crop?
      The crops grown during the south west monsoon season are called Kharif crops
3.      What is Agriculture?
      Tilling the land and growing crops are called Agriculture. Agriculture is also includes fisheries, cattle rearing and forestry
4.     Name the flowers are cultivated in the floriculture.
      Jasmine Champak marigold chrysanthemum, Kanakambara, rose and liiy
5.     What is mixed farming?
      Mixed farming is the raising of crops and cattle rearing poultry, beekeeping pig rearing silk farming aquaculture etc
6.     What are the crop seasons?
      Kharif crops, Rabi crops and summer crops
7.     What is called golden revolution?
      The progress in the horticultural field is known as the Golden Revolution
8.     What is Jade farming?
      During the period between kharif and rabi crops and cultivated called Jade farming
I.       Choose the correct answer.
1.    It is an example for commercial farming.
a) paddy b)wheat c)tabacco d)ragi
2.      'Indian granary of Wheat'
a) Haryana             b)Punjab
c)Uttar Pradesh     d) Rajasthan.
3.      It is one of the ancient occuption of India.
a) Mining                 b) Cottage indstry
c) Bee keeping      d) Agriculture.
4.      In India the highest sugar cane growing state is
a) Uttar Pradesh    b) Maharastra
c) Karnataka           d) TamilNadu.
II.       Answer in a sentence:
1.      What is meant by 'land use'?
A: making use of land for various purpose is called 'land use'
2.      Which is the largest paddy growing state in India.
A: West Bengal.
3.      Explain the meaning of Agriculture?
A: Cultivating or tilling the land and growing crops. It also include fisheries, cattle rearing and forestry.
4.      What is subsistance farming?
A: Farmers growing crops for their own use is called subsis tence farming.
5.       In Karnataka which is the marketing centre for tobacco? A: Karnataka's nipani town is the marketing centre for
III.       Answer in 4 sentences:
1.      What are the types of Agriculture?
*      Intensive farming. * Subsistence farming
*      Commercial farming * Mixed farming
*      Horticultural farming.
2.     What are the geographical factors essential for growing paddy?
A: About 250C temperature.
*      100200 cms of annual rainfall
*      fertile alluvial soil & clayey soil.
*      It requires standing water till the crop is ready for
*      flat land is required.
*      where ever rainfall in less irrigation is necessary.
3.      Differentiat between Rabi and Kharif crops.
Rabi                                  Khairf
*      crops grown                * the crops grown during the
during rain in              south west monsoon season
winter months
*      most suitable for         *paddy, ragi, jowar,oil seeds
the growth of wheat are the main crops.
* The crops are harvested * crops are harvsted during February and during September and March
4.      What are the three cropping seasons of India.
A: * Khariff or early monsoon crop
*      Rabi or post monsoon crop.
*      Jade or summer crop.
IV.       Answer in about 5 sentences:
1.      What are the different types of land use?
A: * Net sown area
*      Forest area
*      use of land for purposes other than cultivation
*      Fallow land
*      grassland
*      uncultivated land.