MAJOR INDUSTRIES OF INDIA-10th Social Science Notes and Question Bank

1. List out the Industrial area of India
Hoogly region Mumbai Puna Ahmadabad - Vadodara Damodar valley Southern Indusrial Reagion National Capital Vishakapattanam - Guntur Kollam - Teruvananthapura
1.    Factors influencing location of Industries
Available of raw materials ,power supply, market, transport, labour ports are very important factors
2.    Where are Iron & steel Industries Located?
TATA Iron and Steel at Jamshedpur Jharkhand, 1907 Iron and Steel at Burnapur West Bengal 1919 Sir M Vishveshwaraiyya Steel co at Badravathi in Karnataka , 1923 Iron and Steel Company at Bhilai , Iron and Steel Company at Rourkela ,Iron and Steel Company at Durgapur, Iron and Steel Company at Bokaro, Iron and Steel Company at Salem, Iron and Steel Company at Vishakapattana
3.    The Ganga river plain regions are maximum number of sugar industries located .Why?
It has large plantation of Sugarcane and good facilities of road ,market and labour also available
1.    Bengal Iron Company Ltd established in 1870 at Kulti in West Bengal.
2.    Production of cloth from various types of fibres is called Textile Industry
3.    The main raw material for sugar Industries is: Sugarcane
4.     The first paper industry in India was established in Serampur in 1840 on the banks of river Hooghly
5.    The basic industries are: Iron & steel Industries
6.    In India the first cotton textile industry was established in 1854 at Mumbai and Bharauch

7.    Mumbai is called as Manchester or Cotton polis of India