MINERAL AND POWER RESOURCES-10th Social Science Notes and Question Bank

1.     In India Jharkhand &Orissa states have largest deposits of Iron ore
2.      Aluminum is produced through Bauxite
3.      Mica is called as kagebangara
4.      Iron is alloy with manganese
5.      India is monopoly over Mica
6.     Gold is the valuable metal and has been popular since ages
7.      Liquid gold: Petrol:: Black diamond is : Coal
8.      Petrol was discovered at first in India at Digboi
9.      Bombay High biggest oil deposit of India
10 the first solar electricity production set up in India at Baramara in Rajasthan
1.     What are the important mineral resources available in India?
Iron ore, Manganese, Bauxite ore, Mica , Gold ore
2.     Which are the major states producing manganese in India?
Orissa, Karnataka, Madhya Pradesh, Maharashtra
3.   Which are the types of Iron ore available in India? Magnetite Hematite
4.     Which are the important energy resources? Describe them.
Exhaustible sources like coal, Petrol, Nuclear and Non exhaustible sources like solar energy, Wind, Biogas are called energy sources
5.      What are Non -conventional energy sources?
Renewable energy sources are solar energy, wind energy,
tidal energy Geo thermal energy bio gas etc called Non -conventional energy sources
6.       Where are the Iron deposits in Karnataka? Kemmannagundi, Hospete, Sanduru Kudremukh
7. Name the important Atomic Minerals Uranium, Thorium, Berylium, Lithium
8.       What are the uses of Manganese?
Manganese is used in the manufacture of steel, cement, chemical, coloured glass etc
9.     Why did Bauxite call as wonder metal of the 20th century?
Because Bauxite (Aluminum) is used in various types
10.      What are the qualities of Mica?
The important among them are Insulation and elasticity Goods heat resistant
11.      Gold deposits in Karnataka
         Kolara, Hatti at Raichur Kappatagudda in Gadag dist
12.      What is Global Warming?

       Increases in temperature of the earth's atmosphere is being noticed this is called Global Warming.