NATURAL DISASTERS-10th Social Science Notes and Question Bank

Chapter 12 Geography
1.     What are natural disasters?
Naturally occurring destructive incidents resulting in loss of human life and property are called natural disasters.
2 What are the effects of Cyclones?
Cyclones are very destructive sometimes the life of the people of cyclonic hit areas gets totally changed. Crops get totally damaged. Transport links, electricity and daily life of the people get affected badly .
1.     What are floods?
When there is heavy rainfall the volume of water increases in the river leading to it over flow this is called Flood.
2.     What are the causes of floods?
      Manson rainfall.
      Accumulation of silt in the river bed
      Breaches of dams
      Changing the direction of the rivers

1.       In India the state having the highest population is a)
Uttar Pradesh       b) Bihar
c) Rajasthan                            d) Maharashtra
2.       In India the state having the highest density of population in
a) West Bengal    b) Bihar
c) Keala             d) Karnataka
3.       In India the state having the highest literacy rate is
a) Bihar                        b)Tamil Nadu
c) Kerala                      d) Madhya preadesh.
4.       In India census has been conducted regularly for every. a) 5 years b) 10 years c) 15 years d) 20 years.
1.       Answer the following :
1 Write the problems of migration?
A. * Due to lack of residing places those people are forced to live in slums.
*     Migration leads to immoral and other activities
*The density population increases in the place of mi­grated regions
*     It affects employment opportunity
*      Pressure mounts on the basic amenities like water, electricity, road, ed'n etc.
2.       What are the factors influencing on distribution of population?
A. * Distribution of rain
*     Soil
*     Minerals
*     Industrial development
*     Trade and commerce
3.       Which are the zones of density of population?
A * Highest density zone
*     Moderate density zone
*     Forest density zone.
1.       During which year pop'n in India was negative?
A. 1911-21.
2.       In India which state have the lowest density of pop'n? A. Arunachal Pradesh.
3.       In India which state have the highest density of pop'n? A. Bihar.
4.       What is 'PURA' Project?
A. Expanding and providing facilities available in cities for villages and small towns. This is called 'PURA' Project.