THE POLITICAL DIMENSIONS OF THE 20th CENTURY-10th Social Science Notes and Question Bank

Chapter-10 History
1.      The Communist system was brought by Lenin in Russia.
2.      The 1st World War started in 1914 and ended with 1918.
3.      Versailles treaty was signed in 1919.
1.      Fascist dictator Mussolini.
2.      The leader of Nazi party Adolf Hitler.
5 .The Second World War started in 1939 and ended in 1945.
1.      Japan attacked American Pearl Harbor.
2.      The triple Entete Group was France, Britain, Russia.
3.      The triple Alliance group was Germany, AustriaHungary,
4.      Lenin gave populist slogan -Peace, Food, Land.
5.         The first Astronaut of the world is Yuri Gagarin
6.         India borrowed Five year plans from Russia.
7.         Germany: Nazism: Italy: Fascism
8.         Hitler assumed the title FUHRER.
9.         China became Communist country in 1949.
10.  The leader of Communist Government was MaoTseTung.
II.       Choose the correct answer and write.
1.     'February revolution of 1917 Russia took place under this party leadership.
a) Bolsheviks        b) Mansheviks
c) Socralitstic             d) Constitutional democratic
2.     'October revolution of 1917 Russia took the leadership in this party.
a) Mansheviks      b) Bolsheviks
c)       Social Socialistic part
d)       Constitutional democratic party
3.       Nazists Hitler then Fascists
a) Count Kaor            b) Garibaldi
c) Mussolini                d) Victor Emmanual
4.       During II world war the countries in the Axis group
a)       Germany, Italy, Japan
b)       Germany, Italy, Russia
c)       Italy, England, Russia
d)       Britain, France, Russia
5.     During second world war nations constitute under allied group were.
a) Germany, Italy, Japan b) Britain, Italy, Japan
c) Britain, France, Japan      d) Britain, France,
1.      Explain the results of versoulles treaty?
A. • Austria, Hungary and the ottoman kingdoms lost their identity.
      Germany lost most of its areas.
      Many small independent nations came into being.
      aggressime nationalism rise among the defeated countries.
      It caused the growth of dictator like Hitler.
2.     Russian tsarism was being called 'a prison of nationalism' why?
A. • Czars used to oppress the nobles, fendal lords, peasants & poor people
      The capitalists exploited the workers and others.
      The people were fed up of the rule of the Tsars.
3.       What was the role of fenin in Russian Revolution?
A. • He        gave    gendance in revolutionary
technique to peasants and workers.
       He made the working class to take part in revolution.
      He gave the simple populist slogans of 'peace, food and Land'.
      He declared Russia a socialist Republic on 7th November.
4.     Lenin played a prominent role in Russian development how?
A. • Free education, sports, health and shelter to all Russians.
      Lenin put into practice the Karlmark ideology.
5.     What were the reforms adopted by stalin in Russia?
A. • He initiated the five years plans.
      He changed the path of developments of Russia entirely.
      Russia sent a manned satellite into space.
6.     What were the results of the great economic depression of 1929 in America?
A. • Industrial and agricultural production collapsed.
      Mining, ship building, production of consumer goods like automobiles and household appliances suffered.
      The economic crisis was witnessed to political change.
      arms trade all over the world spread.
      Military alliances were formed.
      Huge arms factories were set up.
      scientific, technological rivalry like space war also grew.
      The whole world was in anxiety.
II.     Answer the following questions.
1.     Explain how America overcame its economic depression?
To overcome the problems of depression American President F.D.Roosevelt started 'New Plan'to improve the economic condition of America. To achieve this he had planned to less work and more salary for the workers. He also gave compensation to the farmers.
2.     What is the immediate cause for First World War?
      The assassination of prince, Archduke France Ferdinand on 28th July 1914.
      This made Austria to attack on Serbia.
      Ist World War took place.
3.     What is Cold war?
After Second World War, the state of constant fear, hatred, jealousy and anxiety in political, economic, military, and other affairs between the two global powers is called as Cold War.
4.     What were the reasons for the First World War?
      Intense nationalism
      Competitions between two power blocks.
      Competitions in atomic weapons
5.     Why did America entered Second World War?
Because Japan attacked on Pearl Harbor of America.
6.     What were the reasons given by Hitler to humiliation faced by Germany?
Jews, Communists and Verssailles treaty.
7.     What were the reforms adopted by Stalin in Russia?
      He introduced Five year plans to bring changes in industrial sector.
      Russia sent manned satellite into space.
      He introduced community farming.
8 .Explain the role of Lenin in Russian Revolution?
      Russia was ruled by Czars, cruel rulers.
      People started to revolt against Czars.
      In this time Lenin started to guide in revolutionary techniques to peasants and workers.
      He got the support from the people.
      He banned from the country.
      Later he came back and became responsible for end Czar Rule.
1.     'Nazy ideology destroyed Germany' Justify the statement?
      He declared German Aryan Race the best in the world.
      Only Germans are eligible to rule the world and all other communities were eligible to be ruled.
      Jews were responsible for the problems of German.
      These people are unfit to exit.
      This sort of intense nationalism was put into practice in the cruelest manner.
2.          What were the causes for World war II?
      Intense nationalistic feeling among the nations.
      Failure of League of Nations.
      No country came forward to protest the policy of expansion of Italy and Germany.
      Germany and Russia attacked on Poland.
3.     What were the effects of Chinese Revolution? Or How China developed after Chenese Revolution.
      Communist rule started in China.
      Community farming was adopted.
      Everyone was given free education, health and sports facility.
      Importance was given to science and technology in order to achieve industrial development.
      The leap forward project was adopted.
      Private property was converted into public property.
      The Cultural Revolution brought into force.
IV. Chose the correct answer:
1.      The first world war came to an end with this treaty
a. Versailles treaty      b) paris
c. Genena                     d) Tashkent
2.      In 1905 japan defeated this country.
a. America b. China c.Russia d. Tibet
3.       The Scientific socialistic ideology of Karlmax was
put into practice by
a. Stalin b. Lenin c. Roosenelt d. Gorbacher
4.     Jews are responsibel for all the problems of Germans. This was said by.
a. Mussolini b. stalin c) Truman d) Hitler.
5.       This party is established by Mussoloni a. Nazi party b. National socialist party
c. National fascist party d. Democratic party.
6.       Two groups of cold war are.....
a. America and England b. France and England c. Germany and Italy d. America & Russia.
7.      Which of the following treaty was signed under the leader ship of Russia.
a. narrow b. NATO c.SEATO d. CENTO
8.      After the cold war which country stands as the sole powerful nation.
а.   Russia b. England c. America d. Germany
A: Britain, France and Russia.
2.      Which countries signed the triple alliance pact?
A: Germany, Austria, Hungary and Italy.
3.      What was the period of I worl war.
A: 1914 A.D to 1918 A.D.
A: The assassination of the Austrian prince, Archduke Franz ferdinand on 28th july 1914.
A: 1917 A.D.
б.   When was vessaille treaty signed?
Ans: in 1919 A.D
7.       Who ruled Russia in the 19th century?
A: Czars Kings.
8.       Who was the first astronaut in the world?
A: Yuri Gagarin.
9.      Who took the leadership of October revolution of Russia? A: Bolsheviks.
10.  Which country's model of five year plans India borrowed?
A: Russia.
11.       Which title Hitler assumed?
A: Fuhrer.
12.       Which party Hitler established?
A: Nazi party.
13.  Who was appointed as minister by Hitler to spread racial hatredness?
A: Goebels.
14.       Which group was established by Hitler?
A: 'Brown shirts'
15.       Which party was established by Mussolini?
A: 'National Fascist party'
16.       What was the immediate cause for II world war?
A: On September 1, 1939 Germany attacked Poland
17.  Which were the two rival groups formed during World War II?
A: Axis group and allies group.
18.  In China, under whose leadership long marru took place?
A: MaoTsetung.
19.       What made America enter II World War?
A: Japan made an attack on Americas pearl harbour.
20.       What is cold war?
A: The undeclared war between America and Russia.
21.       What was Holocaust?
A: Hitler's mass massacra was called Holocaust.
A: * The best race in the world is the Aryan race.
*      Only germans are eligible to rule the world.
*      All other communities are eligible only to be ruled.
*      Jews are responsible for all the problems of Germans.
*      Communists, catholics & socialists are also responsible.
*      destruction of enemies.
*      glorification of violence.
*      racial supermacy.
*      Imperialistic expansion.
*      support to massacres.
A: * maximum deaths and injuries.
*      formation of UNO.
*      colonies of Asia and Africa were benifited.
*      due to a conducive atmosphere for acquring freedom.
*       European nations lost many colonial establishments.
A: * Community farming was adopted.
*Everyone enjoyed free education, health and sports facili ties.
*      importance was given to science and technology.
*      the 'leap forward' project was adopted.
*      private property was converted to property of the society.