WATER RESOURCES-10th Social Science Notes and Question Bank

Chapter-06 Geography 
1.      The sorrow of Bengal is River Damodhar
2.       The sorrow of Bihar is River Kosi
3.      The largest irrigation project in Karnataka is Upper Krishna Project
4.      The Hydro -Electricity power station established at first Shivanasamudra for River Cauvery
5.       Hirakud project for Mahanadi
6.      The first multipurpose river valley project after independence is Damodhar Valley Projects
7.      The highest multipurpose river valley project in India is BakraNangal
8.       Bakra Nangal: Govinda Sagar ::          Tungabadra :
9.       The sorrow of Orissa l is River Mahanadhi
10.      Hirakud dam is longest dam in India.
I.       Choose the correct answer:
1.      River Damodar is called 'sorrow of Bengal" which among the following river is called 'sorrow of orissa'
a. Krishna b.Mahanadi c. Godawari d. ganga A: (B) Mahanadi.
2.      The Highest dam in India is
a) Bhakra               b) Nagarjunasagar
c. Kosi                     d. Hirakud
A: (A)Bhakra.
3.      The river which is called as 'sorrow of Bihar'
a) Sutlej b.Kosi c. Damodar d. Mahanadi A: (B) Kosi
4.      Which among the following is the longest dam in India
A. Nagarjunasagar B. Hirakud
C. Tungabhadra     D. Bhakranagal
A: B Hirakud
1.      Which among the following is the biggest multipurpose project of Karnataka.
a) Tungabhadra  b) Kali
c) Upper Krishna d) Shivanasamudra
2.      This is a joint project between India and Nepal.
a) Hirakud project b) Bhakranangal project
c) Damodar river valley d) Kosi project
Answer the following in one sentence each :
1.      Why national power grid is established?
A To supply power from surplus states to deficit states and to supply power equally.
2.      What are the two types of rain water harvesting ?
A * Collection of water at the place of rain full
*      Collection of flowing rain water.
1.      'Nazi audiology destroy germany' justify this statement? A * according to nazi's ideology germans are superior
*      Only germans are eligible to rule the world.
*      Other people were treated cruelly.
*      He enacted his rules called the number of laws
*      Due to this ideology II world war broke out
*      He employed his dictatorial power for mass massacres.
*      In II world was germany was completely destroyed.
2.     'Cold wer created world was terror prove this statement?
A * arm pace between the two groups.
3.      Name any four hill stationas of middle himalayas?
A * Shimla, mussorie, naimtal
*      Ranikhet, chakrata and darjeeling
4.      Name the important valley of himalaya region?
A. Kangra and kulu
5.      Explain the features of siwalik ranga?
A. * recent formation
*      located in the southern part
*      They have lesser height
*     These hills have narrorow strips of plains 6) Explain the extend of peninuhlar plateau?
A * From the south of the sutlej - Ganga plaint up to the indian ocean in the south
*      Its total area is around 16 lakh sq.km
*      From the Aranalli mountains in the north to kanyakumari in the south.
1.      What is flood canal?
A. Without the help of any dams water is drawn directly from the river through canals.
2.      What is perremial canal?
A. Dams are constructed across the rivers and water is stored in the reservoirs.
I.        Answer the following in one sentence each:
1.      What is irrigation?
A: Supply of water to agriculture from canals, wells and tanks artificially.
2.      What are the types of irrigation?
A: 1. Well irrigation      2. Canal irrigation
3.      Tank irrigation.
3.      What are the two types of well irrigation?
A: * open wells * Tube wells.
4.      Mention the two types of canal irrigation.
A: * Flood canals
* Perremial canals.
5.     Which is the frist multipurpose river valley project of independent India?
A: Damodar river vallely Project.
6.      Which is the highest dam in Asia?
A: Bhakra.
II.         Answer the following in 2 or 3 sentences each:
1.      Name the hydroelectric power projects of Karnataka.
A: Shivanasamudra, Tungabhadra, Jog, Bhadra, Alamatti, Kali etc.,
2.      What are the aims of multipurpose river valley project? A: * providing irrigation facility.
      Production of hydroelectric power.
      Prevention of floods.
      creating facility for water transportation.
      providing water for domestic and industrial use.
      preventing soil erosion.
      developing fisheries.

      enhancing forest wealth.