World Organizations-10th Social Science Notes and Question Bank

Chapter-05 Political Science 
World Organizations
1.   UNO has been established in 1945.
2.   The headquarters of UNO is situated in the city of New York.
3.   The organ of the UNO resembling the Cabinet is General Assembly.
4.   Tenure of judges of international Court of Justice is 9 years.
5.   International Court of Justice is at Hague.
6.   The present Secretary General of UNO is Ban K Moon.
7.   World Health Organization has been started in the year 1948.
8.   SAARC has been established in the year 1985.
9.   The First World War was League of Nations the established to maintain peace.
10.     The term ‘United Nations’ was coined by President Franklin D. Roosevelt.
11.     There are 193 members’ nations in the UNO.
12.     International Court of Justice consists of 15 members.
13.     FAO: 1945:: WHO: 1948.
14.     The headquarters of Common Wealth of nation is in London.
15.     The headquarters of SAARC is in Katmandu of Nepal.
16.     The Organization of African Unity was formed in 1963: The ASEAN came into existence in 1967.
17.     This world agency is mainly concerned with the promotion of global level trade and commerce The United Nations Conference on trade and Development.
1.   UNO was established in the year.
a)   Oct.24, 1945.            b) January 26, 1948.
c) January 26, 1945. d) January 26, 1985.
2.   As a result of first world war league of Nations was established so because of second world war established.
a)   SAARC                                 b) UNO
c) Common wealth of Nations d) ASEAN
3.   The leaders responsible for establishing UNO.
a)   D’Gaurella, Chuchill, Marshal
b)  Churchill, Stalin, F.D. Roosevelt
c)   Marshal, Truman, D’Gaurella
d)  Truman, Churchill, Stalin.
1.    What is the aim of food and agricultural organizations?
A. To fight against poverty, hunger and malnutrition
2.    What is the aim of UNESO?
A. It aims at the development of technical education, information technology unilateral and environment studies.
3.    Which organization is called the 3rd economic pillar?
A. World Trade organization
4.    Which organization was established after second world war to look after the welfare of culture.
1.    What are the functions of International labour organization?
A * Social security
*      health security
*      standard of living
*      Maternity benefits of women labour
*      Minimum wages
*      Housing benefits etc.
2.    Explain the structure of general Assembly?
A. *This is the general body conciliating of all the members of the U.N
*       Each member country can send 5 member but have only single vote.
*      The Assembly at its first session elects a
president and            also elect 17 vice presidents
*      It includes of standing committees
*      The ordinary session normally commence in september & lasts until mid December
1.    Which organ of UNO is called the cabinet?
The Security council.
2.    When was world health organization establish? In 1948.
3.    Expand WHO?
World Health Organization.
4.    Expand SAARC?
South Asian Association for regional co­operations.
5.    Expand UNO?
United Nation Organization.
1.    What are the objectives of the UNO?
A. • To maintain international peace & security.
     To develop friendly relations among nations.
     To establish faith in fundamental human rights.
2.    What are the agendas of WHO?
A. • Population explosion.
     Environment protection.
     Mal nutrition.
3.    Name the financial institutions of special agencies of UNO?
A. World Bank, IMF.
4.    Explain the functions of security council?
A. • At international level it safeguards peace & security.
     It directs the UN peace keeping force for international peace.
      It elects the judges of the international court of justice.
     recommends the name for the post of the secretary general.
5.    Which are the two subsidiaries of IBRD?
A. • The International Development Association ( IDA).
     The International Finance Corporation (IFC).
6.    What are the aims of FAO?
A. • Improvement of agriculture.
     Provision of more nutritions food.
     Liberation of the world population from hunger.
     Improvement of the living conditions of the rural people.
7.    Name the important institutions of European union?
A. • The council.
     The commission.
     The European parliament.
     The European court of Justice.
II. Answer the following questions.
1.    Who are the responsible persons for the formation of UNO?
Leaders like Winston Churchill of England, Joseph Stalin of Russia and Franklin D Roosevelt of America decided to establish UNO.
2.    Expand - SAARC
SAARC South Asian Association for Regional Cooperation.
3.    Which are the countries consist in SAARC?
In 1985 South Asian Association for Regional Cooperation came into existence. It consists of 8 countries namely. India, Bangladesh, Pakistan, Srilanka, Maldives, Nepal, Bhutan and Afghanistan.
I.      Answer in a sentence:
1.     The term ‘united nation’was coined by
a. Churchil                b. stalin
c. F.D. Roosevelt      d. Ken nedy.
2.      The president secretary general of UNO is...
a. Trygre lie             b.Kofi A Annan.
c.Ban K moon         d. Nelson Mandela.
3.      The headquarter of UNO is.......
a. Washington                 b.New york
c. Genena                        d. Hague
4.    The agency working for the economic development of world family.
a. ILo                                   b) WTO
c) UNCTAD                        d. UNICEF
5.      Headquater of SAARC is in
a. London b. Roma c. Katmandu d. paris
6.      At present member nation in the UNO is
a. 150 b. 193 c. 198 d. 200
II.      Answer in a sentence.
1.    Where is the headquarter of common weath of Nations?
A: * London
2.    Where is the headquarter of international court of justice.
A: * Hague of Netherland
3.      What is the main achievement of WHO?
A: WHO is successful in eradicating small pox from the world.
III.      Answer in 2/3 sentence:
1.     Which are the main organs of UNO?
A: * General Assembly
*      the security council.
*      economic and social council
*      Trusteeship council.
*      International court of justice.
*      secretariate.
2.    Who are the perament members of security council?
A: USA, UK, Russia, France & china.
3.      Who are the member nations of SAARC?
A: India, Bangladesh, Pakistan, Srilanka, Maldives, Nepal, Bhutan & Afghanistan.