THINGS I LIKE: Sweet/Sour Onion Hot Dog Topping

When I was growing up and in Public School 134 in Brooklyn, NY,  sometimes instead of my mother making a sandwich for me to brown bag it, she gave me money to by my favorite lunch, two hot dogs with mustard and sauerkraut from the school's neighborhood Kosher Delicatessen. For the rest of my life, I have loved hot dogs from these kinds of deli's (which, today,  have almost all passed away)  but also from other brick and mortar places such as Nedick's,and  from the many hot dog carts found all over New York City. I especially enjoyed those from Sabrett carts, because of the sweet/sour onion topping they offer to top my hot dog. After reviewing several recipes, I came up with the following one of my own. While it is not exactly the Sabrett onion condiment (their recipe is secret), I think it is a reasonable facsimile but the recipe can stand on it's own, as well. The recipe is given below but you can adjust the ingredients to your own taste for sweetness, saltiness or heat.


1 large onion, thinly sliced into half - moons
2 Tbsp olive oil
2 Tbsp tomato paste, 2 x concentration*
1/2 C water
 3/4  tsp sugar
2 drops Tabasco sauce **

 Heat olive oil  over medium heat. Add onions, sprinkle with a pinch of  salt and cook, stirring, until soft, but not browned. Make a well in the onions and add tomato paste. Cook tomato paste for a minute or two and add water, sugar and hot sauce. Cook until water is reduced and the onion mixture is thick.Taste and adjust seasonings to your taste. Serve.

Steam, boil or grill hot dogs, put on bun, add mustard, slather on onions and EN JOY!

*  2 x concentrated tomato paste comes in tubes, Good brands are Amore, San Marzano and Cento.

** For more "heat" adjust the amount of Tabasco sauce to your taste. I like Tabasco because it brings a "touch" of  vinegar along with it's heat. However, use whatever hot sauce suits your own palate.