THINGS I LIKE: The Foodie's Companion's All Purpose Spice Mixture

I have put together a very simple, basic combination  of dried spices that I use as a general seasoning mixture for many different things; meats, chicken, fish,and even vegetable dishes. While I feel that most everything we cook should be seasoned with salt ( I use kosher) and freshly ground pepper, these are NOT included in my mixture. I believe saltiness is an individual taste preference and some people must avoid salt, altogether. Also, many people do not like pepper in their food although I can't understand why if it is freshly ground, since it  adds an additional depth of flavor to whatever is being cooked. These are the reasons why I avoided the addition of  fixed amounts of these ingredients in my base spice mixture. I do, however, suggest that you season with these two items, to your own taste, in addition to using my spice mixture. Further, you can add other seasonings to my base mixture to give the dish you are preparing the flavor profile you desire, eg, tarragon for fish, oregano and thyme for Greek flavor, cinnamon, cumin and coriander for Middle Eastern dishes, etc.


3 Tbsp, each:
garlic powder
onion powder
1 Tbsp. sweet paprika
1 tsp cayenne powder

You can double, triple, etc. these amounts. The mixture is stable for a long time.

* To use as a rub for ribs:
 Add 2 Tbsp. brown sugar plus 1 tsp chili powder to 2 Tbsp of above mix. Again, you can        double, triple, etc the amounts to give you enough mix  for the quantity of ribs you are cooking. Rub mixture into meat and let "sit", for at least one hour before cooking.